Social networks: LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook


How can I connect my Twitter and Foursquare account?

The easiest place to connect your social media accounts is in the FullContact for Web app on the Sync Sources page.

Keep in mind that you can also connect your social media accounts during the onboarding process in FullContact for iOS and FullContact for Android.

In FullContact for Mac, click FullContact (menu dashboard at the top of your Mac) -> Preferences -> [+] icon.

How often are my Twitter and Foursquare address books being updated in FullContact?

We update your Twitter and Foursquare address books every 24 hours.

Are the changes I make to my social network contacts in FullContact reflected in my social media source?

No. When you edit or delete one of your Twitter handles, for example, that change is NOT reflected in your Twitter account (externally). If you want a social media contact fully removed from FullContact, you'll need to delete it in the external source.


Why can't I add my Facebook and LinkedIn address book?

Facebook made significant changes to their public APIs back in early 2016; these are the changes to be aware of:

  • You will be unable to connect your Facebook (or Instagram) address book to your FullContact account.
  • You will not see Facebook profiles suggested in the Updates section of your FullContact account.

While we understand these changes are frustrating, FullContact is committed to building powerful tools to help you build relationships with your network. We'll continue working on new ways to keep your contacts in sync, up-to-date, and accessible everywhere you need them. Also, unlike some other services, we're committed to making sure that your data is always portable—meaning, you can export all your contacts whenever you like. They belong to you.

We have also halted support for contact upload from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has silently introduced a new privacy setting that by default disables email address from being exported from LinkedIn. This means that when you do an export, the file will largely be void of email addresses for your connections.

We fundamentally believe that you should own your relationships and the data in your address book. Unfortunately, it appears that LinkedIn has taken further steps to lock data into their own platform. Read more. Because we rely heavily on email addresses to de-duplicate contacts in your address book, we've opted for not uploading LinkedIn data at this point.

We will continue monitoring the status of this change by LinkedIn and update our apps accordingly should anything change.

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